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Michael Thayer michael.thayer at oracle.com
Wed Jul 16 10:13:08 GMT 2014

Hello again,

On 15/07/14 14:03, Michael Thayer wrote:
> On 14/07/14 17:35, MENGUAL Jean-Philippe wrote:
>> While translating the latest changes of the manual, I applied all fixes
>> after a full review by a French user, I thank here. Once applied, can
>> you tell me where it will be readable online? Or it will be with the
>> next release only?
>> The patch: http://manager.accelibreinfo.eu/reviewup.txt
>> For the 4.3, sorry I am too late. Can you send me a new diff between my
>> latest "commit" and the current revision?
> Thank you!  I committed the changes to the development branch (I had to
> fix your diff a bit) and they should become visible in the public
> repository in the next few days, though we will not create a public PDF
> of them at this time as that version is not yet released.  In case you
> would like to do an update against the 4.3 user manual I am attaching a
> diff of the changes since your last update.  These would become visible
> in the PDF French manual on virtualbox.org once committed.

There was a small last minute change, here is the updated diff file.  I 
have also included the small change on its own inline below, as it is 
not yet publicly visible in the repository.

Regards and thanks,


Index: doc/manual/en_US/user_VBoxManage.xml
--- doc/manual/en_US/user_VBoxManage.xml	(revision 95017)
+++ doc/manual/en_US/user_VBoxManage.xml	(working copy)
@@ -469,6 +469,21 @@

+            <para><computeroutput>--groups <group>, 
+            This changes the group membership of a VM. Groups always 
start with
+            a <computeroutput>/</computeroutput> and can be nested. By 
+            VMs are in group <computeroutput>/</computeroutput>.</para>
+          </listitem>
+          <listitem>
+            <para><computeroutput>--description 
+            This changes the VM's description, which is a way to record 
+            about the VM in a way which is meaningful for the user. The GUI
+            interprets HTML formatting, the command line allows arbitrary
+            strings potentially containing multiple lines.</para>
+          </listitem>
+          <listitem>
              This specifies what guest operating system is supposed to 
run in
              the VM. To learn about the various identifiers that can be 
Index: doc/manual/en_US/SDKRef.xml
--- doc/manual/en_US/SDKRef.xml	(revision 95017)
+++ doc/manual/en_US/SDKRef.xml	(working copy)
@@ -4519,6 +4519,16 @@

+                has been replaced by IMachine::delete, which allows 
+                which disk images are to be deleted as part of the 
+                and because it can take a while it also returns a
+                <computeroutput>IProgress</computeroutput> object 
+                so that the completion of the asynchronous activities 
can be
+                monitored.</para>
+              </listitem>
+              <listitem>
                  has been renamed to <xref
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