[vbox-dev] Including TPM emulation for Windows guests on a Mac host

Steven Reddie steven.reddie at gmail.com
Mon Jan 6 19:54:17 UTC 2014

I wish to include TPM emulation for Windows guests running on a Mac host.
It seems that much of the EFI tree, including SecurityPkg where the TPM
code resides, is not build by default for Mac (at least, I don't have the
object files after what appears to be a successful build).

I expect that the current TPM code is pass-through to actual TPM support
provided by the host. I'd likely co-opt one of the TPM emulation projects
out there, though they seem potentially stale. For now, just seeing the
guest recognize the existence of a TPM would be a good start.

In the interest of minimizing risk, is building TPM support as an Extension
Pack a possibility? I suspect not since TPM requires BIOS support. How
about building a drop-in replacement EFI BIOS image to use with a regular
vbox installation?


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