[vbox-dev] Mac OS X 10.9 build

Steven Reddie steven.reddie at gmail.com
Mon Jan 6 19:40:46 UTC 2014


It seems that building vbox on Mac OS X 10.9 isn't supported OOTB. I
managed to get it built with minimal changes and am now at a point where I
want to attempt to run it.

My only option right now is to do this on my primary machine, and although
I have backups any downtime is going to hurt.

Does anyone have any guidance on the likelihood of catastrophic failure
and/or approaches to installing/testing on Mac that might minimize kernel
panics and such?

[At this point I don't yet know how to take what I have built and
install/run it, but I assume there are some fairly straightforward
packaging instructions/scripts included. Running it out of the build
directory would be ideal if it means that I can leave my day-to-day vbox
installation intact and usable.]

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