[vbox-dev] Call for testing (Linux and Solaris Guest Additions)

Harry Putnam reader at newsguy.com
Sun Dec 7 20:00:04 GMT 2014

Michael Thayer
<michael.thayer at oracle.com> writes:

> A number of changes and fixes were made to the graphics components of 
> the Linux and Solaris Guest Additions recently, particularly related to 
> disappearing guest screens and switches to virtual terminals.  I would 
> really appreciate any testing by anyone who uses these guests to make 
> sure that I haven't introduced any regressions with the fixes.  If you 
> would like to help please download a Guest Additions test build<1> (the 
> changes may not all be in the other builds yet), install it, use it and 
> let me know if any new problems have appeared.  I hope they will not, 
> but I would rather know about it.

I can offer some testing on a branch of solaris (openindiana build
151_a9) running 2x Xeon on HP xw8600 workstation 

HOST = 2x Xeon on intel hardware (openindiana build 151_a9)
GUESTS = 3 - linux (debian)
         1 - Openindiana (hipster) (Similar to Solaris-11.2)

I'm running 3 linux guests (all debian (jessie)) and 1 openindiana
(hipster) (A branch of Solaris) guest.

I could use a little steering toward what is most urgent things to

Are there different things to look at on linux (debian) guests
compared to what to look at on an openindian (hipster) (Offshoot of
solaris-11.2) guests?

Sorry about the lamer request for coaching but reading diffs and such
always seems so confusing to me.

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