[vbox-dev] No more supports DrvStoregeFilter Sample ?

Woof he1.woof at gmail.com
Fri Aug 29 05:44:30 UTC 2014


I fixed crash, it was in below interface.

these code could not get pfnDiscard and pfnStartDiscard members.
pThis->pIMediaBelow      = PDMIBASE_QUERY_INTERFACE(pIBaseBelow,
pThis->pIMediaAsyncBelow = PDMIBASE_QUERY_INTERFACE(pIBaseBelow,

Actually, below is DrvVD. it has allocated drvvdDiskcard(),
drvvdStartDiscard(). but members are NULL.

so.. I tried to assign these functions using debugger, it does not make
crash but does not work.

finally, i modified when it call below driver interface member, if the
interface member is null, just return success(0). it seems like no problem.

*If this sample is still valid, should be fixed these point.*
** it needs pfnGetSectorsize member in iMedia*
** Checks below interface functions pointer*


ps.. I do not know when that members are ignored.. ;(

2014-08-29 11:33 GMT+09:00 Woof <he1.woof at gmail.com>:

> I treid DrvStoregeFilter sample, but it makes crash. because PDMIMEDIA
> does not have pfnGetSectorSize member.
> so add that function but still occur access violation on running time. ;(
> I wanna to know this sample is not supported now?
> working on 4.3.12 (4.3.14 makes crash with A/Vs..)
> I hope just not updated problem.. :|
> Thanks. :D
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