[vbox-dev] 3D acceleration in Windows Guest

Jaeyong Yoo jaeyong.yoo at samsung.com
Fri Apr 25 02:16:49 GMT 2014

Hello VirtualBox!

I'm amused by the support 3D acceleration in Windows guest.
I can run quake 3 without feeling no lag and suddently I've got several questions.

1) When running quake 3, I observe which opengl DLLs this quake3 is using
and it turns out it uses both opengl32.dll (which is native DLL from windows) and vboxgl.dll (which looks like built by using Chromium).
What I'm wondering is the relationship between opengl32.dll and vboxgl.dll. Since vboxgl.dll has full GL APIs (such as glBegin, ...),
quake 3 has to replace the opengl32.dll to vboxgl.dll. But it looks like quake 3 uses both of them.
How does this happen?

2) I saw that windows display driver uses Wine APIs to manipulate the graphics functions. Since WineD3D is transforming the direct3d call to
opengl, does it use vboxgl.dll function? Or is there some other magic?

I'm really impressed by your work :-)

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