[vbox-dev] [PATCH RFC] Change triple fault reset behavior to reset guest

Jeff Westfahl jeff.westfahl at ni.com
Thu Apr 10 17:15:15 GMT 2014

Here's a patch that changes the behavior of the "triplefaultreset" option 
to reset the whole guest instead of resetting the CPU. In my testing of 
Phar Lap ETS with VirtualBox, the current implementation of 
triplefaultreset is unreliable, and isn't supported at all in SMP guests. 
For a UP Phar Lap ETS guest, usually the guest hangs sometime before 
executing the actual reset. Sometimes the reset is successful, but the 
guest hangs during the boot process. Only occasionally, the reset is 
succesful and the guest reboots successfully as well. In my testing with 
this patch, the reset has been successful every time, in both UP and SMP 
Phar Lap ETS guests.


Jeff Westfahl
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