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BTW, I just upgraded the documentation on github so it's more
descriptive, with example of running the script and also running an


Let me know,


Le 2014-04-02 22:45, Thomas Gouverneur a écrit : 

> Klaus,

> The current script I've been working on is doing exactly what you
describe. I'm adding a run-once service into SMF. 
> I also add an
/opt/VirtualBox/VERSION file with the package's version string inside
> When run-once SMF service start, it checks this file against
its latests known version and if that doesn't match, a postinstall +
driver cleaning is ran. 
> How can I work with you guys to know
what's potentially currently missing and how you'd like it to be
> Also, what is your possibilities at Oracle to make an
IPS repository available? 
> I'd really like to get things moving in
the good direction there, IPS is really an improvement to me and I guess
also to a lot of other virtualbox users. 
> If needed, we can have a
call together to discuss this further off-list... let me know. 
> Le 2014-04-02 17:52, Klaus Espenlaub a écrit : 
>> Hi
>> On 02.04.2014 14:45, Thomas Gouverneur wrote:
Ram, As far as I'm aware, there's no way to automatise it, although I
find it better than nothing to benefit from the IPS packaging rather
than the SVR one. On another side, we can still display a big fat
warning when the user is trying to install/upgrade with the instructions
to get this done the proper way.
>> If I'm not completely behind
this isn't possible with IPS, as one of its 
>> design decisions was
that a package install/upgrade/uninstall cannot 
>> ever block to ask
for input or provide any output besides requesting a 
>> reboot. I don't
think anyone seriously considers reboots to be an option 
>> (it's a
problem, not a solution).
>> To reach a good usability a VirtualBox
IPS needs to be able to reliably 
>> trigger some activity for ALL of
the following situations: 
>> postinstall/postupgrade/postuninstall (and
it'd be nice to have 
>> preinstall/preupgrade/preuninistall for doing
some truly vital 
>> cleanups). Would it be possible to use a variable
component in the SMF 
>> run-once service name like the package version
to trigger activities for 
>> upgrades (only necessary for the case of
upgrading a live system)? 
>> Anything automatable in a build process is
fine with us. Trust me, we're 
>> not afraid of complex implementations
>> If these activities aren't possible then the only way would be
to detect 
>> a driver/application version mismatch when some VirtualBox
>> is started, and this is where we get into the very bad
user experience 
>> region: this is generally done by non-root users,
who don't have the 
>> privileges to rectify the problem and have to ask
the admin to complete 
>> the manual part of the upgrade.
>> I
briefly thought about doing a "dummy IPS" package, i.e. one which 
simply dumps the PKG file into some location, and use the run-once 
service to do the PKG install, but honestly this is several orders of

>> magnitude too ugly to be acceptable.
>>> What do you think?
Could this be integrated?
>> We're not against IPS packaging, we'd
be gladly providing IPS packages 
>> tailored for Solaris 11 ourselves
if only there would be a good solution 
>> in sight which is user
friendly. So far we couldn't find any way to 
>> create an IPS package
with an acceptable user experience, and that's why 
>> we stick to the
PKG stuff which has the necessary hooks.
>> The IPS package has
quite some potential (directly installing the 
>> package as part of
autoinstall, skipping the useless 32 bit binaries, 
>> skipping
irrelevant drivers like the streams based bridging support, 
>> i.e.
reducing the package size significantly)...
>> Klaus
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