[vbox-dev] Host BSOD after r49150 and r49151

Ramshankar ramshankar.venkataraman at oracle.com
Mon Oct 21 07:51:59 UTC 2013

Which host are you using exactly? Could you attach a VBox.log for a VM 
you start that causes the BSOD?

Also how quickly does it BSOD?


On 10/20/2013 07:34 AM, Vic Lee wrote:
> Hi there,
> Recently when I updated to latest SVN tree I found out that my host
> (yes, the host, not guest) always BSOD whenever I try to start any VM
> with more than 1 vCPU. This kind of BSOD is so weird, that there's no
> bug check code or minidump whatsoever, only a bluescreen with some texts
> saying things like "Hardware Malfunction" (google "BSOD hardware
> malfunction" for images and you will see what I mean). So I can't tell
> which source line exactly is causing it. I managed to confirm the following:
> 1. It happens only after r49150 and r49151 (which should be the same
> changeset). If I stay at revision r49149 it's ok.
> 2. It happens only if I use more than 1 vCPU in the guest. Everything
> seems to be fine if I change the VM to use 1 vCPU.
> 3. I tried to boot a windows 7 installation CD in a newly created VM,
> but the host still BSOD (as long as condition 1 and 2 are met), just
> before the setup ran into graphic mode. So it should have nothing to do
> with guest OS.
> Anyone is aware of this or trying to fix it?
> Thanks,
> Vic
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