[vbox-dev] Svn Commit 48852 breaks build an Fedora17.x64 and Fedora18.x64 (closed)

Peter Gsellmann pgsellmann at portner-elektronik.at
Thu Oct 10 14:47:41 UTC 2013

Thanks to all helpful responding people!

Am 2013-10-10 14:22, schrieb Frank Mehnert:
> The part about VirtualBox is wrong. vbox-img is the only tool which
> uses a couple of static libraries for a good reason: This is a
> stand-alone tool which can be used even without a VirtualBox installation
> and sometimes not all required libraries are present. Therefore we
> do static linking here.
> As this small application is only a testcase it can be disabled by
> setting VBOX_WITH_TESTCASES= in your LocalConfig.kmk.
This solved the problem.


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