[vbox-dev] support USB 3.0 port

Klaus Espenlaub klaus.espenlaub at oracle.com
Tue Oct 8 08:44:01 UTC 2013

Hi Woof,

On 08.10.2013 08:35, Woof wrote:
> I wanna fix USB 3.0 port bugs on widows host. (#6509)

don't think it helps people if you reference some internal bug number 
which is meaningless for everyone outside the VirtualBox team - they'd 
be looking at the public bug tracker, e.g. 

> I modify code VBoxUsbMon.cpp and VBoxUsbFlt.cpp based 4.2.16 version
> (SVN Revision 48062, 48742, 48874)

Why do you modify 4.2.16 if there's an improved 4.2.18 out there?

> So that's result here. (it is same 4.2.18)

No surprise, as 4.2.18 contains all fixes we have right now in this 
area. Note that some people report that this fix has some remaining 
problems, including host BSOD.

> USB 2.0 port : USB 2.0 device -> ok
> USB 2.0 port : USB 3.0 device -> ok
> USB 3.0 port : USB 2.0 device -> ok (but this case does not appear
> device name)

all cases above should work with 4.2.18, and the presence or absence of 
the device name depends to some extent on luck - VirtzalBox can't get 
the device name if the host OS has already powered down the USB device 
to save power. Some Windows versions do that quite aggressively.

> USB 3.0 port : USB 3.0 device -> X

Expected behavior - for this case to work there needs to be full USB3 
hardware support in VirtualBox, i.e. it needs to emulate an xHCI 
controller. Work in progress, but this will need more time.

Workaround: put a USB2 hub in between, or if you want to go for a very 
cheap solution, use a USB2 extension cord. This will strip the USB3 
device down to USB2, and then it is covered by the 3 working cases above.

> 2.0 and 3.0 USB device are memory stick.
> Is it current state? (include not release version)

Yes. Again, is there any reason why you modify 4.2.16?


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