[vbox-dev] VirtualBox 4.3.0: yasm cannot reference symbol `X86TSS64_size' in preprocessor

Bernhard Fröhlich decke at bluelife.at
Tue Nov 19 15:02:35 UTC 2013

On Tue, Nov 19, 2013 at 12:24 PM, Knut St. Osmundsen
<knut.osmundsen at oracle.com> wrote:
> On 11/15/2013 8:53 AM, Matthias Apitz wrote:
>> Hello,
>> This is with FreeBSD 10-CURRENT, SVN revision r255948 with ports as r328930
>> (all around 1st of October) on i386 architecture;
>> making emulators/virtualbox-ose gives:
>> # make install clean BATCH=yes USE_GCC=any
>> ...
>> kBuild: Pass - Build Programs
>> kBuild: Pass - Libraries
>> kBuild: Pass - DLLs
>> kBuild: Compiling VBoxVMM -
>> /usr/ports/emulators/virtualbox-ose/work/VirtualBox-4.3.0/src/VBox/VMM/VMMR3/PATMA.asm
>> /usr/ports/emulators/virtualbox-ose/work/VirtualBox-4.3.0/include/iprt/x86extra.mac:143:
>> error: (AssertCompileSizeML:2) cannot reference symbol `X86TSS16_size' in preprocessor
>> /usr/ports/emulators/virtualbox-ose/work/VirtualBox-4.3.0/include/iprt/x86extra.mac:143:
>> warning: (AssertCompileSizeML:5) X86TSS16 is 1 bytes instead of 44
>> /usr/ports/emulators/virtualbox-ose/work/VirtualBox-4.3.0/include/iprt/x86extra.mac:206:
>> error: (AssertCompileSizeML:2) cannot reference symbol `X86TSS64_size' in preprocessor
>> /usr/ports/emulators/virtualbox-ose/work/VirtualBox-4.3.0/include/iprt/x86extra.mac:206:
>> warning: (AssertCompileSizeML:5) X86TSS64 is 1 bytes instead of 136
>> kmk: ***
>> [/usr/ports/emulators/virtualbox-ose/work/VirtualBox-4.3.0/out/freebsd.x86/release/obj/VBoxVMM/VMMR3/PATMA.o]
> This isn't a yasm issue nor a VBox one. It's just that your kBuild isn't
> up to date.
> In particular, the kBuild/tools/YASM.kmk file is missing a define for
> indicating the pass for generating make file dependencies
> AssertCompileSize* macros needs to be disabled to prevent the above errors.
> Kind Regards,
>   Knut.

The kBuild that we use right now is from r2695 and the last change to that
YASM.kmk file that I see is from r2694 so It doesn't look outdated at first

@Matthias: Could you please verify which kBuild version you are using?
pkg info devel/kBuild
make -V DISTNAME -C /usr/ports/devel/kBuild

Bernhard Fröhlich

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