[vbox-dev] debugging and installer

Lucian Apetre lucian_apetre at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 11 21:15:22 UTC 2013

1. Being new to developing new v box features, I was interested how to debug it, i could not find a project with all the sources that i can build and test(.pro or vcproj). There is such a project? how can I debug the vbox code?
2. i'm trying to also create an installer( with the hint received to use "kmk packing") and i have some strange errors like the one I presented here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/19910685/create-virtualbox-package-with-kmk-packing-fails-with-error-127
There are any applications that i should have on my pc to create the installer file?
I just want to create the installer of the clean sources and after that to try to alter it.

Thank you
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