[vbox-dev] Crash on IGuestSession.close()

Thomas Belian thomas.belian at fh-erfurt.de
Mon Nov 4 15:40:59 UTC 2013


I've wrote my problem a few days ago, but got no response.
If I use IGuestSession.close() my VMs crashed. I open a session, like I
opened it in 4.2.18, except I now use IGuest.Process.waitFor...
After opening a session, I start some executables on the guest and
after that, I want to close the session and if I do so, the VM just
crash without any comment. 

Another strange behavior, I want to get a process ID. If I use 0 as
timeout, I don't get an ID, even if the process successfully started and
if I use a timeout like 100000, than I get an ID.

I use Ubuntu 12.04LTS/amd64 as host, Scientific Linux 6.4/i686 as guest
with Additions 4.3.2. I thought, the update to 4.3.2 solves my problem,
but it doesn't and I don't see, what I made wrong. The code is in python
and works on VirtualBox 4.2.16 and 4.2.18.

Has anyone an idea?


Thomas Belián 

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