[vbox-dev] IFramebuffer.GetAddress

Klaus Espenlaub klaus.espenlaub at oracle.com
Tue May 28 11:31:10 GMT 2013


On 28.05.2013 03:52, 一生有你 wrote:
>   Hi,guys!
>   framebuffer->vtbl->GetAddress(framebuffer,&adr) always returns with
> 0x8000ffff ,it means
>   an unknow excption in xpcom.

NS_ERROR_UNEXPECTED. Not the same as unknown.

>   i want to know why it could be this?

Because XPCOM doesn't have the faintest clue how to marshal the 
parameter in the cross-process case.

>   thanks a lot....
>   /////////////////////////////here is the code
>   IFramebuffer* framebuffer;
>   int xo,yo;
>   rc=display->vtbl->GetFramebuffer(display,0,&framebuffer,&xo,&yo);
>   if(NS_SUCCEEDED(rc)) printf("framebuffer exist\n");//realy exist...
>   unsigned int fw,fh,fbpp;
>   framebuffer->vtbl->GetWidth(framebuffer,&fw);
>   framebuffer->vtbl->GetHeight(framebuffer,&fh);
>   framebuffer->vtbl->GetBitsPerPixel(framebuffer,&fbpp);
>   printf("framebuffer   Width: %u Height: %u Bits Per Pixel: %u \n
> ",fw,fh,bpp);
>   //printf outputs the correct  Width Height and Bits Per Pixel......but
> getaddress fails....
>   unsigned char* adr;
>   rc=framebuffer->vtbl->GetAddress(framebuffer,&adr);
>   if(NS_SUCCEEDED(rc)) ////////fails here ???why

Because you're trying to call a function from a different process which 
is only available in the VM process (at least you didn't say that you're 
writing code which is running the VM in this process). Same error as in 
your previous mail about takeScreenShot.

What do you want to do with the framebuffer address? It's useless 
information in a process other than the VM process.


>   printf(">>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>%p.......\n",adr);

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