[vbox-dev] Supported Remote USB Devices

Ira Hill ijh3 at ufl.edu
Thu May 23 18:06:33 GMT 2013


   My goal is to use a usb data acquisition device (National Instruments 
USB-6009) over remote usb. My host is Ubuntu x86-64 running Windows XP 
as the guest. I'm connecting to my virtual session with rdesktop-vrdp on 
my x86 laptop running Arch linux. Using usb thumb-drives and other 
storage devices work great over remote usb. Unfortunately, the data 
acquisition device does not work properly over remote usb.

  The data acquisition device does show up in the virtual machine but 
the National Instruments software says the hardware has an unknown 
failure. I'm guessing the hardware initialization process isn't working 
smoothly over remote usb. Is there any chance in getting such devices 
working over remote usb? Also, the device does work in my Windows XP 
guest if I plug it directly into the host machine.

Thanks in advance,

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