[vbox-dev] Cinnamon and 3D on Mac hosts.

mikhail sennikovsky mikhail.sennikovsky at oracle.com
Wed May 22 06:38:53 GMT 2013

You are right, 4.2.x has several 3D issues on OSX host. OSX host 3D 
support should be significantly improved with the next major VBox release.
For now I can give a trunk test build for you to check whether Cinnamon 
support is fixed for you.
Note that you'd also need to update Guest Additions with those supplied 
with this test build.

!!! Note that the trunk is under heavy development now, so this build 
can NOT be used in production environment,
but ONLY for testing purposes. !!!

OSX host:

Extention pack:


On 21.05.2013 22:53, Louis King Jr wrote:
> I assume people may be aware of this by now but just in case. Every 
> distro I've tried, and it is eight or more, that uses Cinnamon 
> crashes(aborts) with 3D enabled. I'm currently running VB 4.2.13 
> although it's been doing this since Cinnamon first came out. Running 
> OSX 10.8.3.
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