[vbox-dev] [PATCH] VirtualBox Additions DIB Patch

Sergey Staroletov sergey.staroletov at sibers.com
Wed Jun 19 09:49:33 GMT 2013

Hi François,

On 19.06.2013 09:33, François Revol wrote:
> Thanks for working on this, I knew it wasn't fully working when I 
> wrote
> the initial code, but it worked for me, and I don't have a Mac 
> anymore
> anyway.

> Of course best would be to settle on a really standardized (PNG?) 
> format
> for interchange instead of a "mostly documented" one, but well...

Yes may be it a better solution, but we worked on it for one client and 
we can release only this patch as he wants it to be opensource.

>> We modified VBoxClipboard.cpp. We were used VirtualBox-4.2.12 guests 
>> for
>> tests.
> It's usually best to submit diffs in unified format (diff -u) so that
> they contain context lines around for patch to make sure it doesn't
> break anything.
> Also, your patch has much higher chances of getting in if you diff
> against the current svn trunk, in which case "svn diff" will produce 
> the
> unified format automatically.

no problem, here is diff -u for the current trunk.

> François.

Sergey Staroletov
Senior UNIX C++ developer
Sibers (HireRussians/former Key-Soft Ltd.)
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