[vbox-dev] [PATCH] VirtualBox Additions DIB Patch

Sergey Staroletov sergey.staroletov at sibers.com
Wed Jun 19 01:48:47 GMT 2013

Hi guys,

We've created patch for common pasteboard for the Additions.

If the host is MacOSX and guest is Windows, the picture from Mac to the 
guest paste buffer comes as BMP with DIB header version 3, and this 
picture puts to buffer also with DIB header version 3. Some 
applications, for example Paint, are able to work with this format, but 
some, for example Wordpad and IBM Lotus Notes - don't and crashes. There 
was no solution for now.

Despite Windows documentation about formats and its automatic 
conversion, really its work only with DIB header version 1 
and field biHeight must be positive.

Therefore we are changing header and coordinate axes orientation and 
flipping the image so that it was not inverted.

We modified VBoxClipboard.cpp. We were used VirtualBox-4.2.12 guests 
for tests.

Author: Sibers/HireRussians LLC <sergey.staroletov at sibers.com>
License: Patch is under MIT License

Sergey Staroletov
Senior UNIX C++ developer
Sibers (HireRussians/former Key-Soft Ltd.)
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