[vbox-dev] TakeScreenShot

Klaus Espenlaub klaus.espenlaub at oracle.com
Mon Jun 10 11:58:20 GMT 2013


On 08.06.2013 10:59, 一生有你 wrote:
> I use TakeScreenShot in "VirtualBox" process(which is generated by
>   src/vbox/frontends/virtualbox/src/main.cpp in the source code )  ,
> this time, TakeScreenShot does not fail,,but,,,the return image data are
> all zero.... why????

I can't tell, as you never give enough information what you do where. In 
this case you're more ambiguous than usual, as the VirtualBox executable 
can be either running VMs inside itself (if --startvm or equivalent is 
in the command line), or be an API client managing VMs running in other 

This means that without giving a lot of details no one can help.

> eg:I just want to get the screen data of a vm not less then 20 frames
> per second...and I develop environment is Ubuntu13.04..

Sounds to me like you're reinventing the wheel (available only if you 
build VirtualBox yourself from sources due to licensing/royalties 
issues): VirtualBox 4.2 has support for creating videos (what else would 
need at least 20 fps?) in MPEG-2 format.

This is due to be replaced in VirtualBox 4.3 with a royalty free codec...


> thanks !

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