[vbox-dev] FW: Re: [VBox-users] Predictable PCI bus addresses for network interfaces?

Kent R. Spillner kspillner at acm.org
Wed Jul 31 13:15:10 PDT 2013


>> Yes, the bus address is in hex, and with some digging I actually found
>> what's going on - you've configured the Intel 82545EM network adapter
>> (official Intel product name PRO/1000 MT Server), and the manual gives
>> the following hint in section 6.1: "The MT Server variant facilitates
>> OVF imports from other platforms." - i.e. this one implicitly enables
>> VMware compatibility hack (swapping slots 0x03 and 0x11). If you switch
>> to any other model the first device will move to 00:03:0 as expected.
> Ok, thanks for digging!  I'm interested in this in order to predict the
> default systemd v197+ interface names when using Vagrant to dynamically
> configure multiple networks per guest.
> Is there a way to query individual guests for VMWare compatibility via
> the API or using VBoxManage at the command line?  It doesn't appear any
> guest properties are set (I checked with VBoxManage guestproperty
> enumerate <guest>).  VBoxManage showvminfo <guest> displays a lot of
> detail, but I don't see anything specifically indicating VMWare
> compatibility.
> Alternatively, is there a subcommand of VBoxManage I can use to list the
> PCI address of each active nic for a guest?  I could parse the output of
> VBoxManage showvminfo <guest> and derive the address from the combination
> of chipset and NIC type since I now have a better understanding of the
> mapping, but if that information is already available with a different
> command that would be great.

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