[vbox-dev] How to add sample device or customized device to VM

Hank Chiang hankchiang717 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 23 00:39:38 PDT 2013


I am trying to add the sample device (VBoxSampleDevice.cpp) to VM.

I add *"include $(PATH_SUB_CURRENT)/Samples/Makefile.kmk"* in the makefile
which is in */src/VBox/Devices*, and then the *VBoxSampleDevice.dll* and *
VBoxSampleDriver.dll* are generated in */out/win.x86/release/obj*. However,
I can't find the sample device in Guest OS.

I think maybe some things I missed. Can someone instruct me how to add
devices in VM *step by step*?

*Best Regards*
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