[vbox-dev] SVN build r46920

Perry Halbert phalbert at cox.net
Mon Jul 8 09:35:22 PDT 2013

Hi Mikhail,

Yes it was fixed. Guessing it was Changeset 46990

I appreciate it and that you will look at the abort situation.  I have 
this on 5 different hosts on 3 different machines all of them with 
nvidia and all compiling their own copy of VirtualBox.


PS it seems that sending email direct to your email is an issue with my 
providers mail server. They see you as a high threat and refuse to send 
it direct.  Whom do I need to contact at Oracle about this so I can get 
it resolved?  They say it is on your end, which I think is crazy but 
need to figure out the reason.

On 07/08/2013 09:00 AM, mikhail sennikovsky wrote:
> Hi Perry,
> Your 3D blackout should be hopefully solved with the latest OSE, could 
> you please re-test that?
> As for your CD/DVD issue, let me try to reproduce it on my NVidia and 
> see if I can find something.
> Thanks again for early spotting the issues,
> Regards,
> Mikhail
> On 04.07.2013 21:57, Perry Halbert wrote:
>> Hi Mikhail,
>> When you do get time to check this would you also check on another 
>> issue that has been around since 03.03.2013? My first report was 
>> 03.03.2013 (subject: attach CD/DVD aborts the guest)
>> Debian based hosts and any guest with 3D enabled and actually using 
>> chromium/humper.
>> Click the devices tab -> CD/DVD and then click the choose a CD/DVD 
>> device line.  This has been aborting the guest and although I have 
>> reported it nothing seems to being done to solve it.  Klaus seems to 
>> think it is my system or build environment, but I can't find the 
>> correlation excepth my nvidia card. I can change cds in the main 
>> manager live and even select install guest additions but something 
>> about the guest passing the command back to the host using the device 
>> -> CD/DVD -> choose a CD/DVD causes a segfault and the guest aborts.  
>> Just to be exact here I can click anything inside the devices tab 
>> CD/DVD.  Just not the choose CD/DVD.
>> It seems to me that the resent upgrades have stripped out some of the 
>> prior tests and previous code that is related to nvidia.
>> Thanks for your time my friend,
>> Perry
>> On 07/03/2013 07:52 AM, mikhail sennikovsky wrote:
>>> Hi Perry,
>>> Thanks for the report. I'll try to reproduce that later this week.
>>> What host build and guest additions revision do you use?
>>> Mikhail
>>> On 03.07.2013 1:26, Perry Halbert wrote:
>>>> Linux host and Linux guest
>>>> nVidia video controller on host (which seems to be the issue of late)
>>>> Boot with 3D enabled produces a black screen on guest.
>>>> Disable 3D or force software rendering and it will boot, but not 
>>>> acceptable due to heavy CPU usage of software rendering.
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