[vbox-dev] Turning on Virtual Disk (VD group) debug logs on VBox

Quaizar Vohra quaizar.vohra at gmail.com
Sat Jul 6 10:58:55 PDT 2013

I am trying to turn on logging for operations in VD.cpp & VMDK.cpp. I have
tried several options with no success.

I am on OS X host running Mountain Lion.

I have tried turning on the logs by setting the env variables and running
VirtualBox client manually from the same shell (which starts VBoxSvc as
well) followed by VirtualBoxVM also from that shell. Here is what I have

qvs-MacBook-Pro:Logs qv$ env | grep VB
VBOX_LOG_FLAGS=time tid thread
qvs-MacBook-Pro:Logs qv$ VirtualBox &
[1] 3175
qvs-MacBook-Pro:Logs qv$
--comment ubuntu-gnome-13.04 --startvm 0daa22b1-4869-4173-bc36-64ee3a558841
--no-startvm-errormsgbox &
[2] 3180

I have run gdb on VirtualBoxVM, attached to the running process and tried
calling RTLogGroupSettings(0,

I have tried putting the env variables in my .bash_profile and then
starting VirtualBox client from the Launchpad and the VM from VirtualBox
still to no avail.

Do I need a debug image to turn on this logging? Or is this is a OSX issue?
Am I missing some steps?

I have also spent some time browsing thru the vbox-log.cpp & log.cpp but
haven't got any clues.

Would greatly appreciate any help with this.

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