[vbox-dev] Issue with 127 network

manvi singh manvisingh.k at gmail.com
Wed Jan 9 22:44:41 PST 2013

Hi - I have been using VB-3.0.14 since a long time. And my topology
consists of multiple VMs communicating with each other. I have been using
127.* as the comminication interfaces (IP's) between the VMs. Now i want to
move to the latest VB version. But with the latest version, the
communication between the VMs dont happen. I suspect the the reason to be
the 127 IP addresses are no more allowed to go out of the VM.

I would like to keep my IP address intact and dont want to change. Please
provide the below clarifications
1. How do i get past this limitation introduced in VB. Can i get the source
code and make the changes to overcome this?
2. Since which version was this support taken away, so that i can use the
previous versions atleast

Thanks a lot in advance
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