[vbox-dev] Attaching .vdi image as a removable disk

Mark Cranness mark.cranness at gmail.com
Sun Feb 24 20:45:32 GMT 2013

On Monday, February 25, 2013 12:20 AM, prabhjeet kaur  wrote:
> How any dormant (power off mode)  image( .vdi format ) can be attach to a currently running  virtual machine as a removable
> so that it can be scanned for viruses in power off mode through current running virtual machine .

Not as removable media, but it can be done:

- Power off both VMs
- Detach the image from the first VM (Machine > Settings > Storage > (Disk "-" tool))
- Attach to the second VM (Machine > Settings > Storage > (Select Controller) > Click Add Hard Disk tool > "Existing Disk" >
Navigate to the VDI file.
- Boot second VM, use disk partition  programs to mount or add the new disk so it can be seen
- Scan for viruses
- Repeat first 3 steps above to re-attach the disk back to the first VM.

Note: As you ADD images to the Storage tree, note the icon/picture that VirtualBox uses. If a blue gear cog is displayed that
means a new differencing disk has been created and any changes made to the scanned disk will be private to the scanning VM.


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