[vbox-dev] The documentation is translated into French

Jean-Philippe MENGUAL mengualjeanphi at free.fr
Sun Feb 10 14:22:28 GMT 2013


I've started and written about this project for a so long time. Sorry for the
delay. But I couldn't handle properly the transition from the non-free manual
to xml free manual and it was long. So I started again everything one month
ago and I am happy to tell you that the User Manual is translated.
It is up-to-date with SVN release and will be up-to-date as much as possible.
As I cannot write on svn I will submit here. You can download the French
translation here: http://demo.accelibreinfo.eu/vboxfr.tar.gz

You can replace all the xml files in doc/manual/fr_FR with these of the
tarball. Replace too the images/ directory, at this moment with the en_US/images

It's my own work and licenced under the MIT license.

I'd like some help for various points:
1. Debugging the xml files (I probably made small typos in xml code, and I'd
like someone to help debugging, I don't think it'll be long). Otherwise,
tell me how I can only compile the manual to check problems.
2. Some review would be useful. I will let readers report the problems and
I'll make an appeal to review, but it would be fine is a French-speaking here,
for instance the people who translated the GUI, could review.
3. I could not do the screenshots in French. It would be fine is someone could
convert his interface into French and generate the screenshots to put them in
images/ directory. It would be more relevant for the final user.
4. Finally, is the translator of the GUI wants to talk with me about the translation
or if you need some translation of the GUI, I am available. I'll send my updates
patches here anyway (and try to stay informed regularly of the svn updates).
I gues no notification system exist?

Please let me informed if you don't want to add this translation in the SVN
repo. I'll put it in other place.

Hope it helps.

Best regards,


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