[vbox-dev] Unable to use restarted VBoxWebSrv

Geoff Nordli geoffn at gnaa.net
Fri Dec 20 23:30:46 GMT 2013

On 13-12-20 06:25 AM, Klaus Espenlaub wrote:
> On 19.12.2013 16:00, Allen Granum wrote:
>> >I am writing a virtual machine management front end in Java (Windows
>> >8.1) using the java bindings included in the 4.3.4 SDK. Part of this
>> >front end monitors that the VBox processes are up and running by
>> >performing a getVersion on them every once in a while. If this call
>> >throws we look at the exception and will restart these processes
>> >(VBoxWebSrv & VBoxSVC) in an attempt to regain a sane connection again.
> Very odd that you need this... so far I haven't heard that vboxwebsrv
> itself becomes confused to the point that it needs restarting. Of course
> it might make sense for your (remote) application to monitor whether the
> webservice is alive.
> In any case, vboxwebsrv can deal with VBoxSVC crashes (or unexpected
> exits in general), which it handles by waiting a bit and then restarting
> VBoxSVC.

One error that we are finding is vboxwebsrv is failing and the VBoxSVC 
seems to take over the 18083 port.

netstat -anp | grep 180
tcp        0      0 * LISTEN      

We have to kill that process before we can restart vboxwebsrv.

I am not sure what is causing this, because it has been stable for us 
for a few years now.

This is on the 4.2.X series.

We are going to upgrade to 4.3.X to see if it resolves the issue.

Also another note, this is only happening on a single server.  Other 
servers seem to be running OK.

Happy Holidays!!


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