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I am using VirtualBox 4.3.4 on MacOS Maverick. The VM is a Windows 7 64bit guest running on a Macbook Pro (8 cores, 16GB RAM). The issue I have is as described at https://forums.virtualbox.org/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=57685:

When using the API methods over Java using XPCOM, some method calls randomly take a huge amount of time. For instance, things that are typically done within 1-5ms sometimes take up to 2000ms! Even when these delays happen, the CPU usage is never even near 100% and their is sufficient free memory on the host available. I wonder if someone can give me insights into what might cause these kind of delays and if its maybe possible to communicate more quickly. For instance, if its caused by interprocess scheduling, is it possible to “open a stream” and then just send the commands to it? Fwiw, if I perform the same stuff (e.g. Key clicks) manually within the VM, there are never delays like this observable.


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