[vbox-dev] [PATCH RFC] Allow an extension pack to load an HGCM service

Jeff Westfahl jeff.westfahl at ni.com
Fri Aug 30 13:12:52 PDT 2013


What's the likelihood of something like this making it into a 4.2 update, 
or maybe
an early 4.3 update? There seems to be a lot of interest in the forums and 
on the
mailing list for a way to add custom HGCM servers and clients, and the 
pack interface seems like a good way to support this use case.

Jeff Westfahl

Klaus Espenlaub <klaus.espenlaub at oracle.com> wrote on 08/06/2013 12:10:14 

> From: Klaus Espenlaub <klaus.espenlaub at oracle.com>
> To: vbox-dev at virtualbox.org, 
> Date: 08/06/2013 12:11 PM
> Subject: Re: [vbox-dev] [PATCH RFC] Allow an extension pack to load an 
HGCM service
> Hi Jeff,
> thanks for this mail, was a bit faster than I could ask for such a 
> statement :)
> On 06.08.2013 18:03, Jeff Westfahl wrote:
> > Author: Jeff Westfahl <jeff.westfahl at ni.com>
> > License: Patch is under MIT License
> I'm still reviewing the change, which overall looks very sensible. We 
> want the product to be extensible, and this certainly wasn't easily 
> possible before in this particular area.
> Klaus
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