[vbox-dev] machine.delete() strange behavior Windows 7 (Python)

Thomas Belian thomas.belian at fh-erfurt.de
Tue Aug 27 23:53:08 PDT 2013

> For your information. These are my first python or programming steps.
> We use VNUML and want to use a more flexible system on work, which
> easy to use and work on Windows as well, so my decision was to learn
> programming and try to get the job done by myself.
> If anyone has tips for better code, please let me know, there are
> lines I don't really like, but they work for the moment.
> If anyone want to try what I have written:
> Just checkout my scripts from svn:
> http://svn.ai.fh-erfurt.de/subversion/VNBox 
> You will get there 4 files. 
> The problem is in file VNBox_VM.py in method removevm Line 258.
> To get the complete program running you need an xml file and an
> template operaring system. Both can be downloaded from
> http://svn.ai.fh-erfurt.de/tmp/ 

Sorry, I've set the wrong permission, so the files there where unable
to download. Problem is now solved, so anyone could try.

> To get into the problem just use:
> VNBox.py test_scenario.xml create (which will create the machines in
> VirtualBox)
> and
> VNBox.py test_scenario.cml remove (which will remove the scenario
> the failure would come up (only on Windows))
> There are other parameters available like start (starting the
> scenario), stop (try to shutdown the systems with ACPI) and kill
> (poweroff).
> There are many things to to, but for the moment I have a behavior
> the old VNUML:
> Greetings,
> Thomas

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