[vbox-dev] Virtual box and Brltty for Windows and NVDA again

Mgr. Janusz Chmiel chmeljanusz at seznam.cz
Wed Aug 21 12:01:30 PDT 2013

Dear sir,
Yes, i am really very happy virtual box user.
I Am having The deepest possible endorsement to all C++ language 
developers, who are developing so complex application. I would like to 
thank aspecially The .sys drivers developer, without their work, many 
Virtualbox features would never been released. Thank You for Yours 
deepest possible Windows NT based operating system kernels knowledge.
Development of Virtualbox must even include Assembli language knowledge 
to make virtualisation solutions working.
I have one plea for You.
Would somebodyof us try to send me The accessible folder from QT5.1 
accessibility package?
Virtualbox is using QT4 but new QT version is also having accessibility.
But QT development framework installation is totally inaccessible for me 
and accessible folder can not be simply extracted from The installer 

The installation package is available here:

Would somebody sighted of us install The whole package and would 
somebody send me The accessible folder if it will be contained somewhere 
after installing this big package?

Thank You very much.

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