[vbox-dev] linux host/guest: Network issues (VLANs, latency, smp)

Stephan von Krawczynski skraw at ithnet.com
Mon Aug 12 03:14:47 PDT 2013

And please let me add one more thing to the network topic:

whenever you check the network performance, do it bi-directional.
We just came across another problem with virtio-net. Even on a Xeon with Intel
i350 cards a single virtio-net interface cannot cope with 100 MBit
bi-directional traffic.
If you want the full bad picture, try this - a single host box with two guests
(all linux):

            <            host           >
<switch1> - <vbox-guest1> - <vbox-guest2> - <switch2>
       GB LAN           virtio          GB LAN

Try to route traffic through such a segment in both directions at the same


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