[vbox-dev] Latest from SVN

Perry Halbert phalbert at cox.net
Mon Apr 29 19:23:14 PDT 2013


Guest was working with ICH9 chipset and HPET on.
Since building to the latest this causes an error that say this should 
never happen.  Well guess what?  It just did!

"PDM: Failed to construct 'hpet'/0! VERR_INTERNAL_ERROR (-225) - 
Internal error - this should never happen."

Just turning off HPET however did not allow the guest to start. I had to 
switch back to PIIX3 chipset as well.

Several VirtualBox processes were created as well, different PID but all 
for the same guest (only one guest started). These as well as the VBox 
service had to be stopped before it would clear the condition.

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