[vbox-dev] Documentation for OpenGL proxy stack

Martin Cerveny martin at c-home.cz
Mon Apr 29 13:54:09 PDT 2013


Is there some comprehensive documentation about implementation of 
Chromium OpenGL proxy, some "big picture", the sporadic comment in code is 
not sufficient.

Guest Additions / crOpenGL (src/VBox/GuestHost/OpenGL/*)
Host Services / Shared OpenGL (src/VBox/HostServices/SharedOpenGL/*)
and HGCM connection ?

Where is the pdf (doc/VBox-doc.c: * - Shared OpenGL. See PDF. (TODO: translate PDF to doxygen)) ?

Is there any plan or project to local render 3D (and/or 2D acceleration) 
to offscreen buffer and combine it with framebuffer to deliver "3D" 
support to VDRE ?

Thanks, Martin Cerveny

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