[vbox-dev] SATA medium become immutable when exposed over iSCSI

Ryan Shaw ryanshaw at cmu.edu
Mon Apr 29 12:43:25 PDT 2013

I am developing a rather in depth application using VirtualBox and have run
across a blocking issue.  I'd like to confirm this isn't a development bug
on my end, but rather a bug of VirtualBox.  If the latter, I would not mind
contributing to the project, but I expect my limited experience may slow
the speed of the fix.  I would like some input into this problem and how it
could be addressed.  I unfortunately filed it as a "major" priority when in
reality I think it is much more severe than that, especially due to how
easy it is to reproduce.


To summarize the above link:

When a disk is exposed over iSCSI and with a SATA controller, all disk
changes are lost every reboot of the machine.  Any action that requires a
reboot such as an OS installation, becomes impossible.
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