[vbox-dev] Visual Studio multithreaded debugging broken in VirtualBox

Petr Vones petr.v at mujmail.cz
Wed Apr 24 16:16:02 PDT 2013


I would like to ask for help with following issue 
https://www.virtualbox.org/ticket/9659 Visual Studio 2010 and 2012 C# debugger 
crashes when debugs (multithread) applications in VirtualBox.

There is 100% reproducible test case attached in the ticket including steps in 
ticket comment. I would like to continue to use VirtualBox for development 
(because it isn't resource hungry and I like the user interface) but this issue 
is blocking since it seriously affects debugger behavior. I have already 
reported it to Microsoft Visual Studio Debugger QA staff but their reply is that 
it is a VirtualBox issue so they can not fix that.

Unfortunately the issue appears with VirtualBox only, it never happens with 
VMware. None of suggested workarounds (disabling Nested Paging, single CPU 
setting) actually helps. It is also weird it affects debugged application only 
and the access violation is still on the same address (see ticket comment) and 
not random.

Could you please look on it ? Is there possibility to fix it or is it a 'corner 
case' that does not affect too much users and won't be fixed (soon) ?

Thanks, Petr

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