[vbox-dev] OpenGL useless

Perry Halbert phalbert at cox.net
Thu Apr 11 15:52:25 PDT 2013

Host = Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 64 guest = any late model Debian type guest that 
uses Gnome3 and the DTM does not matter.

After years of building from SVN I have finally come to a place that I 
can not deal with.

I have tried building from SVN on just about every debian distro I can 
find and it just does not work properly. I see no build errors (well 
other than the ones I always see) but I must be missing something. If 
you turn off 3D acceleration in the guest settings you can actually use 
the guest, but at a cost of a 30+% hit to the processor due to LLVM 
(software rendering).

Turn it on and the second you try anything that uses OpenGL the guest 
freezes at 100% cpu. Sometimes you can (host+backspace) and get to a 
white screen but you still need to kill the guest to recover.

Now looking at the log I see the following line spamming the log 3 to 4 
times a second, until you kill the guest.

OpenGL Warning: glXMakeCurrent(0x7fe58c099230, 0x5000008, 
0x7fe58e6d9828) failed! (winId 3, ctxId 2)

This all started for me a little more than a month ago with a CD insert 
issue that I finally tracked down to 3D acceleration. Since then it has 
been getting worse to a point that the builds are useless. I was told 
that you could not replicate this so I figured it had to be due to the 
release I was using to compile with and built another Debian 6 box to 
build on but it is exactly the same with that. I have also looked at the 
code to see if you are using a new package but I can't seem to find it.

So I guess I have to claim stupidity and ask if you can point me to a 
sane place to go to fix this? Or is there something I need to do beside 
shot this thing and move on.

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