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Just some question to understand how it works...

If I understand correctly, it is in charge of VirtualBox code (running in VMX-root mode ?) the setup the VMCS area (4KB) for each VM instance. In each VMCS's area exists a field for the EPT pointer (basically the physical address in main memory of the first-level EPT paging structures)

Now if that is correct, do you think it does exist other ways (including digging in the host system hosting virtualBox's process) to access & traverse those translation structures ?


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    If we find the need and time for it. In
      the meantime, we welcome patches :)





      On 04/08/2013 06:25 PM, carlo.cianfarani at alice.it wrote:

    Is there a plan for it ?


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        The error message says it all - not implemented.




        On 06.04.2013 15:24, carlo.cianfarani at alice.it wrote:

        > Any idea ?


        > Thanks.


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        >     Hi,


        >     posting the following question on virtualbox forum a
        guy suggested

        >     to ask for it here...



        >     I'm trying to use the Debug command line (VirtualBox
        version 4.2.10)

        >     just to dig into some internals...


        >     Does it exist a way to view the EPT page table used by
        the processor

        >     (core i5 in my system) when resolving a guest's virtual
        address into

        >     a host physical one ?


        >     trying to do it:


        >     VBoxDbg> dphh %0

        >     cr3=a93ea000 idx=0i66 Extended Page Tables

        >     EPT dumping is not yet implemented, sorry.

        >     not present

        >     dphh: error: DBGFR3PagingDumpEx: VERR_NOT_IMPLEMENTED

        >     VBoxDbg>


        >     thanks,

        >     Carlo.






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