[vbox-dev] Oracle VM VirtualBox is not supporting The Tieman braille voyager Braille display

Michael Thayer michael.thayer at oracle.com
Mon Apr 8 03:34:16 PDT 2013


I saw this a little bit late, but here are a couple of thoughts in no 
particular order.

  * When a USB device is successfully passed through to a virtual 
machine the "Current State" in the output of "VBoxManage list usbhost" 
is set to "Captured", at least on my Linux host.
  * If this really is a problem with USB pass-through though it might 
not be very likely to get resolved, as getting any USB device which 
fails to pass though correctly to work tends to involve a lot of effort 
(USB is something of a beast).
  * Can the device be made to look like a serial port for applications 
running on your Windows host?  If so then VirtualBox could potentially 
pass it through to the guest as a serial port.
  * The unofficial <Vbox-users-community at lists.sourceforge.net> mailing 
list has at least one long-time active subscriber who is visually 
impaired and might also be able to give you a bit of help.



On 07/04/13 18:14, Jean-Philippe MENGUAL wrote:
> On dimanche 07 avril 2013 à 17:36:08 (+0200), Mgr. Janusz Chmiel wrote:
>> Dear sir,
>> Here is The result of Yours first command, which You have been
>> suggested to me.
>> VBoxManage list usbhost
>> Host USB Devices:
>> UUID:               494d1906-5cee-40c1-9a4d-003105390824
>> VendorId:           0x045e (045E)
>> ProductId:          0x00e3 (00E3)
>> Revision:           0.83 (0083)
>> Port:               0
>> USB version/speed:  2/2
>> Manufacturer:       Microsft
>> Product:            Microsoft Wireless Optical DesktopR 2.20
>> Address:            {36fc9e60-c465-11cf-8056-444553540000}\0014
>> Current State:      Busy
>> UUID:               62eae134-0a65-4346-bdac-9b89794d5d84
>> VendorId:           0x0798 (0798)
>> ProductId:          0x0001 (0001)
>> Revision:           0.2 (0002)
>> Port:               0
>> USB version/speed:  1/1
>> Manufacturer:       F.J. Tieman BV
>> Product:            Braille Voyager
>> SerialNumber:       01F172D70700006B
>> Address:            {eb781aaf-9c70-4523-a5df-642a87eca567}\0000
>> Current State:      Busy
>> UUID:               d98f5768-0f1d-4956-9a38-13e0a065cf84
>> VendorId:           0x0930 (0930)
>> ProductId:          0x0b03 (0B03)
>> Revision:           1.15 (0115)
>> Port:               0
>> USB version/speed:  2/2
>> Manufacturer:       TOSHIBA
>> Product:            USB 2.5"-HDD
>> SerialNumber:       201001063AB0
>> Address:            {36fc9e60-c465-11cf-8056-444553540000}\0009
>> Current State:      Busy
>> UUID:               62dde95c-14d0-450f-987e-e363f7919815
>> VendorId:           0x10f1 (10F1)
>> ProductId:          0x1a2a (1A2A)
>> Revision:           24.21 (2421)
>> Port:               0
>> USB version/speed:  2/2
>> Address:            {36fc9e60-c465-11cf-8056-444553540000}\0010
>> Current State:      Busy
>> I think, that The cause of my issue is The old device, which is
>> supporting USB version 1.5, do You think, that would exist some
>> trick to overcome The issue with The buttons press?
> I am not sure the USB version is a problem. However, the fact that the device
> is "Busy" is likely more a problem. Maybe try to disconnect your display, or
> to disconnect at least your screen reader from the braille device. Then,
> see if the device is still busy. It should be Available. You should:
> 1. disable braille device in NVDA; 2. work in speech synthetiser to run
> VBox; 3. check the device status.
>> New Braille devices are too expensive and i do not have The chance
>> to manufacture new braille display myself from scratch.
>> The device is old, but it is really working prefectly without
>> hardware errors, all crystals which are producing Braille letters by
>> using Pizzo electricity are working.
> Oh my braille display is 15 years old. :) So I won't tell you that yours is
> too old. I don't think it is. Maybe it can be connected to a serial port? It
> would workaround the USB problem. I know that these devices are so expensive.
>> I have been tested Oracle vm virtual box from Windows 7 X64 SP1,
>> Windows 8 Enterprise edition trial release with all available
>> updates from Microsoft installed.
>> I will also install some Linux distro with Brltty daemon and Orca
>> screen reader to find out, if The problems with buttons are also
>> presented while working with Linux distribution.
>> If no, there is complex programmers issue while interact between
>> Windows XP kernel and virtual machine kernel drivers.
>> And may be, that it would be too complex to debug so hydeen issue.
>> But i can help, if some of us would tell me, how to help while
>> debugging this problem.
> I think before complex things, that I'll let to VBox devs, we have some 1st
> approach work possible. Indeed, the tests you mentioned, in particular with
> orca & brltty, are useful. Then, this about t!e status Busy of the device will
> help.
>> I will also run Oracle vm virtual box from Ubuntu Linux, because QT4
>> is fortunately supported with Orca thanks to qt-accessibility bridge
> Oh that's not a problem. Instead of GUI interface, you'll be able to use
> VBoxManage. It'll be more accessible and easier than on Windows.
>> Thank You very much for Yours patience
> Let us informed of your next results. Have you tried with JAWS in guest?
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