[vbox-dev] Oracle VM VirtualBox is not supporting The Tieman braille voyager Braille display

Jean-Philippe MENGUAL mengualjeanphi at free.fr
Sun Apr 7 09:14:08 PDT 2013

On dimanche 07 avril 2013 à 17:36:08 (+0200), Mgr. Janusz Chmiel wrote:
> Dear sir,
> Here is The result of Yours first command, which You have been
> suggested to me.
> VBoxManage list usbhost
> Host USB Devices:
> UUID:               494d1906-5cee-40c1-9a4d-003105390824
> VendorId:           0x045e (045E)
> ProductId:          0x00e3 (00E3)
> Revision:           0.83 (0083)
> Port:               0
> USB version/speed:  2/2
> Manufacturer:       Microsft
> Product:            Microsoft Wireless Optical DesktopR 2.20
> Address:            {36fc9e60-c465-11cf-8056-444553540000}\0014
> Current State:      Busy
> UUID:               62eae134-0a65-4346-bdac-9b89794d5d84
> VendorId:           0x0798 (0798)
> ProductId:          0x0001 (0001)
> Revision:           0.2 (0002)
> Port:               0
> USB version/speed:  1/1
> Manufacturer:       F.J. Tieman BV
> Product:            Braille Voyager
> SerialNumber:       01F172D70700006B
> Address:            {eb781aaf-9c70-4523-a5df-642a87eca567}\0000
> Current State:      Busy
> UUID:               d98f5768-0f1d-4956-9a38-13e0a065cf84
> VendorId:           0x0930 (0930)
> ProductId:          0x0b03 (0B03)
> Revision:           1.15 (0115)
> Port:               0
> USB version/speed:  2/2
> Manufacturer:       TOSHIBA
> Product:            USB 2.5"-HDD
> SerialNumber:       201001063AB0
> Address:            {36fc9e60-c465-11cf-8056-444553540000}\0009
> Current State:      Busy
> UUID:               62dde95c-14d0-450f-987e-e363f7919815
> VendorId:           0x10f1 (10F1)
> ProductId:          0x1a2a (1A2A)
> Revision:           24.21 (2421)
> Port:               0
> USB version/speed:  2/2
> Address:            {36fc9e60-c465-11cf-8056-444553540000}\0010
> Current State:      Busy
> I think, that The cause of my issue is The old device, which is
> supporting USB version 1.5, do You think, that would exist some
> trick to overcome The issue with The buttons press?

I am not sure the USB version is a problem. However, the fact that the device
is "Busy" is likely more a problem. Maybe try to disconnect your display, or
to disconnect at least your screen reader from the braille device. Then,
see if the device is still busy. It should be Available. You should:
1. disable braille device in NVDA; 2. work in speech synthetiser to run
VBox; 3. check the device status.

> New Braille devices are too expensive and i do not have The chance
> to manufacture new braille display myself from scratch.
> The device is old, but it is really working prefectly without
> hardware errors, all crystals which are producing Braille letters by
> using Pizzo electricity are working.

Oh my braille display is 15 years old. :) So I won't tell you that yours is
too old. I don't think it is. Maybe it can be connected to a serial port? It
would workaround the USB problem. I know that these devices are so expensive.

> I have been tested Oracle vm virtual box from Windows 7 X64 SP1,
> Windows 8 Enterprise edition trial release with all available
> updates from Microsoft installed.
> I will also install some Linux distro with Brltty daemon and Orca
> screen reader to find out, if The problems with buttons are also
> presented while working with Linux distribution.
> If no, there is complex programmers issue while interact between
> Windows XP kernel and virtual machine kernel drivers.
> And may be, that it would be too complex to debug so hydeen issue.
> But i can help, if some of us would tell me, how to help while
> debugging this problem.

I think before complex things, that I'll let to VBox devs, we have some 1st
approach work possible. Indeed, the tests you mentioned, in particular with
orca & brltty, are useful. Then, this about t!e status Busy of the device will

> I will also run Oracle vm virtual box from Ubuntu Linux, because QT4
> is fortunately supported with Orca thanks to qt-accessibility bridge

Oh that's not a problem. Instead of GUI interface, you'll be able to use
VBoxManage. It'll be more accessible and easier than on Windows.

> Thank You very much for Yours patience
Let us informed of your next results. Have you tried with JAWS in guest?

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