[vbox-dev] Oracle VM VirtualBox is not supporting The Tieman braille voyager Braille display

Mgr. Janusz Chmiel chmeljanusz at seznam.cz
Tue Apr 2 11:23:35 PDT 2013

Dear core developers,
My name is Janusz Chmiel.
I AM visually impaired user.
Yours product is working excellently for me, except situation, when my 
Braille device Tieman Braille Voyager connected through The USB port is 
being used with Windows XP SP3 Professional edition.
The development facts
Braille device is sending special signal when buttons placed on it are 
being pressed.
Windows Xp can not receive The information, which button have been 
pressed. So device can receive The data, can communicate with program 
and .sys driver, but buttons are not usable.
No matter, if i Am running Windows XP as a host operating system and if 
i Am inside this operating system, or if i leave it and if i run Windows 
7 primary operating system, from which Oracle VM VirtualBox is running.

So The issue is, that user is helpless while using buttons to control 
The program, which is communicating with Braille device.
Programs can not get feetback from The braille device buttons.

Would somebody of Yours excellent development team try to help me to 
solve this complex issue?
Which information You would like to know to debug this complex problem?

For now, i Am sending You some Oracle VM VirtualBox .log files, may be, 
that somebody of us would try to analyse it for results.

I Am using Brltty for Windows with libusb-win32 to communicate with 
Tieman Braille Voyager Braille display connected by using USB port.

Here are some .log files.

Brltty for Windows can be directly downloaded from this direct link.

I can confirm, that this problem is really caused by The relationship 
between Oracle VM virtual Box and Windows XP operating system.
I will debug it with Windows 8 as a primary OS and With Windows 7 SP1 
X86 as A primary OS to.

Do You think, that somebody of us would try to give me some piece of 
advice how to solve this complex informatics phenomena?
Thank You very much for Yours developers help.
With kindness regards.

Janusz Chmiel

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