[vbox-dev] questions regarding the new group feature

Willi Burmeister wib at qrv.uni-kiel.de
Fri Sep 28 04:49:49 GMT 2012

Hi Sergey,

thanks for you answer.

> - Why is it not possible to have empty groups?
> - Groups are 'ad hoc' which means the fact 'the group exists or not'
> depends on VMs it contains.

If groups are 'ad hoc' why are files moving around everytime membership
changes? On CLI this is really irritating.

> - GUI and CLI are inconsistent in displaying group names. Why? GUI
> shows groups as "name" while CLI shows "/name".
> - Reflecting group names as "/name" in GUI was decided as
> 'unfriendly' (users feedback), so we decided to reflect if the way
> it is now.

Please add an RFE removing '/' in CLI too.

Thanks again.



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