[vbox-dev] questions regarding the new group feature

Willi Burmeister wib at qrv.uni-kiel.de
Thu Sep 27 06:35:59 GMT 2012

first I would like to say thanks for the long missing group feature.
Here some questions about it's usage and behaviour:
1. This feature can not be found in the documentation. Why?
  The documentation is great, but this feature is completly missing.
2. Why is it not possible to have empty groups?
  You always have to select a VM before creating a group and a group
  disappears after the last VM is removed. This is annoying.
3. How do I remove a VM from a group (GUI)?
  Pressing CTRL while dragging a VM adds the VM to another group. That's
  great, but how can I remove a VM from a group? I know how to do it on
  the CLI.
4. GUI and CLI are inconsistent in displaying group names. Why?
  GUI shows groups as "name" while CLI shows "/name". So if you want 
  to add a VM to a group you have to type
  % VBoxManage modifyvm  <VM-name> --groups /<name1>,/<name2>
5. This feature is moving files and dirs around. Why?

  Adding a VM to a group creates a subfolder below machinefolder and
  moves the VM into it. This is confusing and triggers the backup to
  save unnecessary old content.

  Try this:

  % VBoxManage modifyvm  OpenIndiana --groups /Solaris,/pfsense

  % find . -name OpenIndiana | head -1

  % VBoxManage modifyvm  OpenIndiana --groups /pfsense,/Solaris

  % find . -name OpenIndiana | head -1

  What's the reason for this? I don't see any benefits in this behaviour.

Thanks again for improving VirtualBox.



P.S. I'm using VirtualBox 4.2.0 on Solaris 11

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