[vbox-dev] Result and exit code for [VBoxManage guestcontrol execute] without --wait flags

Erik Leunissen e.leunissen at hccnet.nl
Thu Sep 6 18:37:30 GMT 2012

On 05/09/12 18:58, Andreas Löffler wrote:
> Hi Erik,
> thanks for your suggestions.
> We're aware that VBoxManage at the moment doesn't do an optimal job at
> the moment when it comes to exit codes, e.g. they're somewhat rarely
> used besides 0. Also they often only indicate the bare minimum required
> for getting a shell script to work.
> However, if you need to do more advanced work I'd recommend using our
> API instead of using VBoxManage as a client. There you have a much more
> fine-grained control on what happened compared to plain old exit codes
> returned by VBoxManage.
> I'll think about the PID output on successful start and the exit code
> handling; both sound like a useful improvement to me. For 4.1 we
> probably won't touch the current behavior, but for the 4.2(.x) branch we
> certainly can improve things a bit.

I appreciate the above judgement and suggestion, and respect the 
planning, of course.

Thanks for the valuable tool called VirtualBox,


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