[vbox-dev] IPv6 patch for 4.2

Oliver Loch grimeton at gmx.net
Tue Sep 4 11:39:22 GMT 2012

> Current VirtualBox IPv6 Status:
> https://forums.virtualbox.org/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=47329
> Works:
> Bridged to Ethernet.
> Internal

> Fails:
> Bridged to WiFi.
This will always fail, even with IPv4. Read about Wifi, BSSID, mac addresses and the bridging results...

> NAT (needs to be ported to SLIRPv6 library from VDE)
IPv6 does not come with NAT - or at least it should not.. There is mobile IPv6 for this.

> RDP server
This is the part I'm working on and which should work now, at least for the VNC plugin.

> UDP tunnel (host side is IPv4 only)

Need to change the implementation to allow IPv6 or dual sockets, something I will look into

> Not sure:
> VNC server
As the RDP Server is now a plugin enabled VRDE server, check the RDP part

> Host-only

Host-only should be layer 2 and nothing VBox should be concerned about

> ...
> so what are those patches fixing, and more importantly, what they are
> not fixing ?
- Bridged to Wifi -> No.
- NAT -> No.
- RDP Server -> partly
- UDP tunnel -> No.
- VNC Server -> Yes.
- Host only -> No.



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