[vbox-dev] Clearing force_restat after sf_inode_revalidate

Shezan Baig shezbaig.wk at gmail.com
Thu Nov 29 09:43:37 PST 2012


I noticed that the performance of shared folders on my linux guest dropped
significantly when switching from version 4.1.16 to 4.1.18.  Looking at the
diff, I saw that vbox now uses d_set_d_op (which correctly sets the dentry
to call revalidate), so the drop in performance is caused by the increased
frequency of revalidates.

My question is, once the node has been revalidated in sf_inode_revalidate,
shouldn't force_restat be reset to 0?  Doing so considerably improved
performance in my test, so I'm hoping this can be incorporated in the next
release of vbox?

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