[vbox-dev] contribution: Save running virtualmachines, and start previously stopped vms.

Dolf Andringa dolfandringa at gmail.com
Fri Nov 23 03:45:18 PST 2012

Hi all, 

Klaus-vb suggested on #vbox you might be interested in the script I wrote to contribute to virtualbox. It is a python script which takes a start and a stop argument. The stop argument stops all currently running vm's (saving state) and saves their uuids in a text file. The start command starts all uuid's in that file again (headless). It works nicely for me as a startup/shutdown script on my server, but it probably might do with some modifications (or configuration file) to suit different setups. Maybe it could be included with virtualbox as a ready-to-use example of using the python api, or it might be used with autostart. 
I published it under the MIT license. For now I have it on github on https://github.com/dolfandringa/vbox_startstop/. I don't mind keeping it there, but if it is interesting enough, feel free to include it in virtualbox and publish it. 

Dolf Andringa. 
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