[vbox-dev] Crash system and *.vbox destroy !

Dominique Bazin dominique.bazin at archivtech.com
Sun Nov 18 10:43:25 PST 2012

Hello !

I do not know if I'm on the good list, but I'm also develloppeur this topic is interresting:

I had a hardware crash and i lost my config files of my vm principal. (virtualbox 4.2.4)
But I have the disk (vdi) and snapshots.
I work in the reconstruction for several days and I still have not managed to restart in the state of last snapshot.
Can someone help me?


original disk : disque_c.vdi
original disk : disque_d.vdi

In Snapshot folder :

Is there a simple way to rebuild the *. Vbox? I can not find the data contained in snapshots?


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