[vbox-dev] OpenGL and Virtual Box

mikhail sennikovsky mikhail.sennikovsky at oracle.com
Fri Mar 30 01:24:16 PDT 2012


I guess what might confused you is that part of ogl code is 
auto-generated by python scripts, including the code you might be 
interested in.
In two words, unpacker issues the unpacked commands to its dispatch 
table entries (cr_lastDispatch), which crserverlib gives it via crUnpack 
The serverlib in turn initializes the dispatch table in its 
crServerInitDispatch code, see  
which is generated from 
(search for server_dispatch.c in 


On 30.03.2012 1:19, Jaikumar G wrote:
> Folks,
>    I am new to Virtual Box and tracing the OpenGL calls to figure out 
> how it works. I see that the GuestHost/OpenGL packs the OpenGL calls 
> and sends it across to the HostServices/server which unpacks it. I see 
> that it gets dispatched from there and I am unable to track it as to 
> where it gets dispatched to.
> The code I am looking at is HostServices/SharedOpenGL/unpacker/*
> Any pointers or hints ?
> Thanks
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